Shailla studied the craft of acting at various highly respected entities around the globe, with a variety of highly renowned coaches, including with the reputable Ivana Chubbuck herself, at the Masterclass she held in Sydney at the Actors Centre.

She also studied full time at the TVI Actors Studios in New York, where not only they have some of the best teachers in the craft of acting, and also for specific areas such as TV, Theatre, Film, Commercials, they also have weekly business classes teaching the actors on how to run our own business, since we are our own brands.

Recently she also attended an actor's workshop in Sydney at Templar Films (With Jeff Purser & Ranko Markovic, Producers of "Cedar Boys").

Click here to go to download PDF resume.


She is also a trained and experienced filmmaker. She have completed intensive courses at the Australian Film Base, where all the students get hands on experience making films from pre-production throughout post-production.
There she learned everything she needed to know to get started: writing, casting, producing, managing, designing, directing, sound, gaffering, camera, continuity, clapping, editing, etc etc.

Recently she went back to the Australian Film Base for another intensive workshop on Film Making and Directing (with Colm O'Murchu, Director/Producer of the "The Makeover" and Director of "A Day In the Life"), for a full on course on the business side of the entertainment industry.


She worked on 2 productions whilst studying at the Australian Film Base, "Three Lives of Alex" and "Beauty and the Brag". After that she worked in various crew roles in various independent productions from short films to feature films.

Later she wrote, directed, produced, edited, etc 2 films for the Kino Kabaret UK Film Festival, "Brazilian Gone British" and "Stella & Robert". A few months after she made another film for the Kino Film Festival, "Breathing", and with all the great feedbacks, she wrote and shot some additional scenes for "Breathing" ( and sent it to more film festivals and she was absolutely over the moon when "Breathing" got selected to show in the biggest Horror Film Festival in Australia, "A Night of Horror International Film Festival". Breathing also screened at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival, along with "Truly Cool" (, another film she wrote, produced and directed. Truly Cool won the audience awards for its screening session at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival. Truly Cool and Breathing also got shown at the Portugal Short Film Market.

Her most recent job on the other side the camera, has been as the Production Assistant for the very anticipated feature film "A Day in the Life" (


She is regularly attending business and marketing intensive workshops with some of the best coaches in the world in self-development and marketing.

She attended the Christopher Howard Programs "Breakthrough Success" and "Performance Revolution".

She also attended various workshops with some of the biggest media and marketing names including Jay Conrad Levinson and Joel Roberts, and various internet marketing experts (not listing all names here, she doesnt want to give all her secrets away).

Recently she also attended the Creative Marketing BootCamp with local Freelancing and Marketing expert Monica Davidson.

Luke Ayers, Shailla & Oleg Chernykh
"Shrove Tuesday" by Dan Jones.
Martyn Park,Shane Kavanagh,Shailla,
Kurando Mitsutake,Michael David Lynch
Fantastic Planet Sydney
Sci Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival

Martyn Park, Jacinta, Shailla Quadra 
Christopher Baker "1 and 0 nly"
Fantastic Planet Sydney
Sci Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival

The Coolest Samurai ever:
Kurando Mitsutake
"Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf"

Kate Houston, Jack Thompson,
Shailla Quadra & Simone Francis
SMPTE Awards
Dritan Arbana,Frank Milostnik,
Johnny Boxer, Katherine Stewart,
Shailla "Epic Trailer" by Shane K

Ursula Dabrowsky & Shailla Quadra
"Family Demons"
A Night of Horror Int Film Festival

John Fallon, Deke Richards & Shailla
"The Red Hours"
A Night of Horror Int Film Festival

Lisa Mitchell, Shailla Quadra,
LeAnne Armano, Mike Masters
"Reel Zombies"
A Night of Horror Int Film Festival

Andrew Rix, Matthew Mitcham, Shailla,
Nicole Mazurek & Chris Mohen
on the set of "Truly Cool"
by Shailla Quadra

David Allsopp, Linda Ung, Rob Leggo,
Bryan Brown & Shailla Quadra
"The Collectors"
Reel Deal Film Festival

Shailla Quadra,Abbie Cornish,Linda Ung,
Sally Struthers & Joanne Stephan
"The Collectors"
Reel Deal Film Festival

Shailla Quadra, Joel Edgerton
& John Freeman
Actors/Directors Seminar

Martin Dingle-Wall, Albany Dighton
& Shailla Quadra
"The Makeover Movie" by Colm O'Murchu

Jay Ryan & Shailla Quadra
Ivana Chubbuck Masterclass - Wrap party

Ivana Chubbuck & Shailla Quadra
Ivana Chubbuck Masterclass - Wrap party

Acting coach & friend
Valerie Kingston 
TVI Actors Studios New York

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